Events and Festivals in Alacati, Cesme

Guide to Cesme Traditional Events and Festivals

Major events and festivals for Alacati, Cesme

Alacati is a town famous for its lively people and wind. Therefore, the alacati events and festivals that combine these two features are frequently held in Alacati. We gathered the most important for you in our article. We recommend that you join each one while you go to Alacati.

Alacati Herb Festival: It is the most famous festival of Alacati. Many local and foreign tourists participate in the festival, where a thousand kinds of herbs are grown in its territory, and the dishes made in Alacati are exhibited and various competitions are held. As always, olive oil produced in the town is used in the meals made as part of the herb festival that takes place in April every year.

Alacati Kite Festival: Fly Me Kite Fest Alacati Kite Festival takes place with the support of the Cesme Municipality. In the festival that is attended by domestic and foreign professional kites, Alacati and Cesme skies are colored with kites. We recommend you to experience the festival where over a thousand kites are distributed to the public at least once in your life. Buses to Alacati and Cesme during the festival are free of charge.

Alacati Surf Festival: In the Alacati Surf Festival usually held in July Alacati’s and Turkey’s most famous surfers are racing. You should definitely watch this festival that is performed every year once you come to Alacati.