Geography of Alacati


Alacati was structured to reflect its surrounding geography. Our district is a beautiful town that is constructed in western Turkey on the end of the peninsula that bears its name with its three sides surrounded by the sea. Cesme is surrounded by Urla District in the east, Aegean Sea in the south and west, Karaburun District in the north, and it is 80 km away from Izmir and 8 miles away from the Chios island Greece.

According to the cadastral data, the coastal coastline length of our district is 133 km.

The fact that in Cesme, which is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, the mountains are perpendicular to the sea, like other Aegean coasts, has created the natural beauties that are the always valid commodity of tourism. The land is usually covered with stony and rocky hills, among them there are also small ovacas, consisting of very few plains. The land is mostly inclined. The forest is small and in bad condition. Constantly flowing streams are not available. The soil structure is gravelly, sandy, calcareous, and in some regions the loamy and calcareous surface is poor. There are no underground and aboveground energy sources.

geography of alacati cesme

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The surface area of the district is 260 km. In terms of both inland and foreign tourism, it possesses the distinct beaches in Turkey. Countless bays, crystal clear sea, sun, fine sand and sulphurous waters boiling in the sea, and beaches with natural touristic facilities are scattered among the various bays of the peninsula that are up to 29 km.

It has nearly 20 beaches known as Sifne, Kucuk Liman, Pasa Liman, Pirlanta, Tursite, Catal azmak- Ciftlikkoy, Dalyan and many more.

There are radioactive water sources which are generally scattered in various aspects of Ilıca District and feed its public beach. The spa waters, which almost always have a different composition, attract the attention of locals and foreigners.

There are hot waters with sodium chloride at the seaside, 5 km away from the district. The most important of these waters, some of which are boiling in the sea, are the sources called Topan and Hamidiye.

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