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Public Transportation Vehicles in Alacati

If you want to go from Alacati to Cesme or other holiday resorts, you can take advantage of minibuses departing every 10 minutes. These public transportation vehicles, which serve from 07:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening, will take you to many settlements around Alacati.


With the 4207 numbered Prevention and Control of Harmful Effects of Tobacco Products Law, as it is in many countries today, the consumption of tobacco products in all indoor areas open to the public is prohibited in Turkey.

Places where tobacco consumption is prohibited (Including intercity buses, Airports and flights);

1. Closed areas of public service buildings,

2. Indoor areas of buildings for all kinds of education, health, production, trade, social, cultural, sports, entertainment and so on, including the corridors, belongings of private law persons and where more than one can enter (except buildings for residence)

3. Including driver seats of private vehicles and those providing taxi services; highway, railway, seaway and airline public transportation vehicles,

4. Indoor and outdoor areas of primary and secondary education institutions, cultural and social service buildings, including pre-primary education institutions, private teaching institutions, private education and training institutions,

Restaurants belonging to private law persons and businesses that provide entertainment services such as coffee shops, cafeterias and pubs. With these prohibitions; It is aimed to protect people who are damaged by the smoke of the tobacco product used by others even though he himself does not smoke.

You can reach Alacati, which is about 90 km away from the airport; by bus, your hotel airport shuttle or by renting a car. We remind you that the highway traffic between Alacati and Bodrum is very busy during the summer season.

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