What to eat in Alacati

Alacati Dining Guide

alacati dining

What to eat in Alacati, why to eat?

Your dining guide to exploring the Alacati’s deliciouses. What to eat and why to eat in Alacati, see the best advices and recommendations.

Cesme kumru: One of the tastes you should definitely eat in Alacati will be the Cesme Kumru. Since Kumru is one of the most famous flavors, everyone comes here even just to eat Kumru. A wonderful flavor comes out with cheese, tomato, salami and Kumru bread. You should definitely try this flavor that will enchant the eaters.

Alacati Breakfast: We can say that Alacati also famous for its Turkish breakfast. We definitely recommend this special breakfast, where local flavors come together.

Seafood: As for Alacati, it is not possible to leave without eating fish. As there are many restaurants and fish cooks in the town; if you wish, you can get your fresh fish in the morning from open auctions by choosing and seeing them according to your own wishes.

Gum Jam: You should definitely try this special Cesme gum jam, which is prepared by traditional methods and natural drop gum, which is the gift of the gum tree.

Cesme Melon: Cesme Melon, one of the delicacies you should definitely eat when you come to Cesme, is a fruit that is loved and consumed by both local and foreign tourists in the summer.

Gum-Ice cream: Almost every ice cream seller has the gum-ice cream. There is also a gum jam mixed with custard and milk. Gum brought from “Sakiz Adasi”. On the island, the gum drops are collecting by old women and children one by one.