In addition to the souvenirs you can buy from Alacati, it is possible to shop from the neighbors of this distinguished place. Cesme awaits you as one of these places. After the shops and streets of Alacati, which are adorned with unique beauties, you can turn your route to Cesme by driving for just a few minutes, and this time you can have a shopping experience in Cesme.

Cesme Bazaar

Cesme Bazaar offers you a summer place atmosphere. There are many cafes and beach bars where you can sit and relax when you get tired of wandering around. Moreover, if you are overwhelmed by the heat, you can enjoy the summer with delicious ice cream and cold desserts. In addition to these, street artists are an indispensable part of this bazaar. Both street painters and street musicians will accompany you on this Cesme adventure.

Cesme Marina

In Cesme marina, many stores greet us with their store concepts saying “come and shop from us” and their wonderful looks. Here is the shopping paradise for you! From clothing to technology, from restaurants to cosmetics, all kinds of shops are waiting for you. You can find Turkish brands that we all know and some world brands in this bazaar. At the same time, you can relieve the tiredness of the day by eating delicious food in cafes and restaurants, each more beautiful than the other.