Alacati Boat Tour Guide

Explore the beautiful islands and bays

Your boat tour guide to exploring the bays and islands in Alacati, Cesme. What bays and islands to visit with boat tour, why to boat cruises in Alacati, see the best advices and recommendations.

Aquarium Bay: Being amongst Cesme bays, the Aquarium Bay, also called “Blue Bay” is given this name due to its dark, clear waters and the appearance of an aquarium-like underwater. It is possible to clearly see up to a depth of about 20 meters when viewed from the water surface by wearing goggles. In the bay, which has an average depth of 8 meters, the depth starting from 1 meter in the coastal areas reaches up to 25 meters in the open waters.

Esek Island: Eşek (Donkey) Island located in Cesme district is known by this name because of the large number of donkeys that have lived on the island in the past. The island, which can be visited by daily boat tours from Cesme, has unique features for those who are interested in underwater and surface water sports. On the island, which has been declared and protected as a national park, the immaculate bays that are among magnificent natural landscapes create amazing sights.

Cave Bay: The cave bay, which has common features with other bays, attracts great attention especially by underwater divers and photographers, as it is covered with dark corals. Visitors who make expeditions in the caves that can be reached by swimming from the bay encounter magnificent views.

Balikli Bay (coral passage): Balıklı Bay, which is the last stop of Cesme boat tours, is also known as the coral passage. Located in a region between the Kara island and the Kucuk island, the Balıklı Bay has a reputation as one of the frequent destinations for those who want to hunt coral. In addition to the availability of quality coral and sponges in the region, the abundance of fish causes the bay to be mentioned with both coral and fish.