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There is a few reasons to visit here, including why to visit alacati. Alacati is such a small place that you can walk everywhere in the center if you are not in a hurry. In this place, the streets of which are very narrow, transportation by private car or taxi will not be practical anyway; Moreover, especially in the spring and summer, exploring the cobbled and colorful streets on foot will take your holiday to another dimension.

Thus, you can take a photo as you wish without stopping to search for a parking space whenever you want and take a breath in a cafe that you like. Of course, you can also explore Alacati by bicycle. You can rent bicycles from cyclists that you can easily find in Alacati. In fact, if you are having a holiday with your loved one, you can even rent one of the double bicycles and explore the streets of Alacati. However, it is also worth mentioning that: The streets of Alacati are very crowded, especially in the evening, so bicycles are not suitable for transportation.

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architectural structure


The first eye catching architectural is texture in Alacati, only a reason why you should visit alacati town. Houses made of pebble-shaped stones called “Alacati stone” have the ability to keep cool in the hot summer and keep warm in cold winter. Although it is considered a rotten stone, it combines with the carbon dioxide of the air and forms a limestone and serves as a filter.

The floor of the town is covered with these stones too. Restoring old Alacati houses, some of which belong to the Greeks, and settling down, have become very “now”. The villas sorrounded by black pepper trees are beautiful. Gumtrees, windmills, narrow streets produced by dipping method, unique, calm and quiet. For those who walk on these streets, there is a haven for peace.

Another reason to visit alacati


Alacati, which hosts international competitions, is considered as one of the best windsurfing destination in the world. Alacati Yumru Bay is one of the few surfing destinations in the world and the World Windsurf Championship is held every year in there. It is delighting to watch the wonderful surfers in a schools where expert names are teaching. Since Alacati is windy 330 days of the year, many windsurfing enthusiasts are rush there every year. Whether you’re a professional or  just a enthusiasts, go and try it.


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