Surf in Alacati

Surfing Guide to Alacati

A corridor with wind that gains speed as it rises and falls down between the two peaks, is the what surfers like. It blows from the sea parallel to the shore and does not create waves.

It makes the Surfers feel like they’re in a secure state and this let them to learn easier. While the Surfers around 50 – 70 KM speed; the parkour which has shallow sand and shallow sea shore is the best place to beginners to learn surf better and safer.

The main idea of surfing is you should sustain your balance with the strength that you take from wind and transmit this strenght to the surf board. The top-rated moves are: Body drug, Agrial duck, W.skipper, spocky, gruby, loop, swayze, as they called.

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Best surfing experience in Cesme, Alacati


There are surf schools in Cesme, Alacati where you can learn surfing. In this way, you can apply to surf schools, receive surfing training and learn the intricacies of surfing from one-to-one professionals even while on holiday in Alacati.

The trainings you will receive are permanent and you will continue your life as an individual who has learned to surf on the return from Alacati vacation even if you have never surfed in your life as a result of practical lessons and your desire and effort. You will experience the passion of surfing at the heart of this sport, namely the pride of having lived in Alacati.

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There are all kinds of surf material in Alacati. Whether you buy, or rent it. There is 5-day package consisting of lessons, tutor, material is 150 Euros. Private lessons are 45 Euros. In addition, warehouse, spare parts, surfing materials are provided. In 15 hours you can learn surfing event without getting wet or fall. You should wear a swimsuit.