Alacati Fish Market

Alacati Fish Market, Fish Auction

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What fish to eat in Alacati, why to prefer seafood in Cesme?

It is possible to buy fish at prices much below market prices at fish market by participating in the auctions that start at 11.00 in Alacati. One of the first things that come to mind when talking about the Cesme region is the rock mullet with its magnificent taste.

The fish exhibited here are fresh and daily fish caught by local fishermen. Unless otherwise stated, all fish exhibited in the auction are sold on a tender basis. Participation in the tender is open to everyone. The starting bid is determined by the weight of the fish. Once the opening price is determined by the tender officer, the participants clearly state their offer by verbally saying their offers in a way that everyone can hear. The fishes are tendered to the highest bidder. You do not need to deposit money in advance to participate in the tender. However, if you win the tender but decide not to buy the fish, your fish may be sold to another person for the same price or re-tendered.

What kind of fish can be bought at the auction? You can come across many types of fish, especially the red mullet which we can recommend due to its taste, and lobster, decapoda, octopus or squid, as well as sea bream, scorpionfish or mullet.