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Economy of cesme district. Industry, agriculture and farming, tourism and much more.




There is no industrial investment in our district. All kinds of industrial establishments to be built in our district would move the region, which has made great improvements in terms of tourism and plans to become one of the few tourism resorts on the world in the near future, away from its tourism characteristic.

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The Change and Characteristic of Agricultural Activity in Our District was including viticulture which covers sometimes over 50% and generally up to 50% of the agricultural areas, while partially olive cultivation constitutes the dominant product pattern until the 1930’s. As of the 1930s, the vineyard areas started to shrink gradually due to the flock greenhouse pest.

Tobacco farming was started and became a priority product until the early 1980s after removing the vineyard areas in the early 1950s. Melon substitutes for tobacco fields since the early 1980s and currently, melon fields still maintain their importance in the cultivated agricultural areas. Olive and artichoke production is also important in the district.

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Cesme is a charming tourist resort in Izmir. Economic activities in this region are therefore based on tourism. The region attracts a lot of tourists in the summer. The reason for this is, of course, the natural beauty of the fountain.

Cesme is also described as the pearl of the Aegean. Cesme has turned this beauty into an income. The hotels opened in the summer months provided job opportunities for many young people in the region. Unemployed young people in the region perform these works in summer, whether they are animators or perform other jobs. In this way, a great employment is provided in the region.

In addition, since Cesme is in the Aegean Region, there are many different plants and fruits in the region due to the ongoing climate in the region. These fruits and vegetables are very useful for the economy of the region.

Although agriculture is an important source of income in the region, these agricultural activities have remained in the secondary plan due to the large number of touristic activities. All shores of the peninsula; the beaches, thermal springs, clean seas having alternative temperatures on different coasts, and bays closed to different winds are an important advantage in terms of tourism.



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