Restaurants and Cafes in Alacati

alacati restaurants cafes

Alacati close to numerous restaurants and cafes, first of all we have to say that Alacati is a very active town. If you are looking for a calm and serene environment, you will have a little difficulty finding it. Both the high number of tourists and the dynamic structure of the town will take you to a crowded restaurant or cafe. There are so many varieties that you can find a place where you can sit for hours, or if your main purpose that day is to enjoy the sea and sand, you can find a fast-food shop where you can eat quickly just to satisfy your hunger. We have compiled a list so you can choose the one that suits you best. Here are some places where you can taste Alacati food. You are free to choose what you want! The decision is yours!


If you have just come out of the sea and it is not yet time for dinner, you can satisfy your hunger with quick bites. Also, you will never forget the taste of the custard you will eat at Alacati Muhallebicisi. Do not leave here without eating Kumru, one of Alacati’s popular fast food. You can eat in Alacati Kumrucusu, Hacimemis Kumrucusu, Kumrucu Sevki and continue your holiday life from where you left off.


Dutlu Kahve is one of the popular places in Alacati. The coffeehouse-looking, the blue and white building is a warm tavern. Especially, if you like appetizers and olive oil dishes, you will love this place! Also, Babushka is another sit-down restaurant you should go to. It is a warm place where you can spend almost the whole day with your holiday friends, together with seafood, wines and starters.


If you want to have your dinner by the sea, watching the sunset on the sand, sunset dining is for you. At Before Sunset Beach, you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing during the day, while you can have your meal in the restaurant by watching the sunset in the evening. Also, The Lagada Restaurant is a seaside seafood restaurant where you can literally watch the sunset. If you like to eat seafood, this place will be a great choice for you.