best time to visit alacati, cesme


Surfers or those who want to learn surfing can go to Alacati, which is windy 330 days of the year, so the for windsurfers, the best time to visit alacati is almost every season of the year. For those who want to go to Alacati for holiday and entertainment, it will be appropriate to go in June-July-August-September. If you want to go to Alacati and do not want the sea to be very cold, August and September will be ideal for you. Those who want to visit Alacati, that is differently beautiful in spring, can enjoy the town in April-May. Thus, you can enjoy Alacati which is not overcrowded yet.

You can also experience the traditional herb festival in April. If you do not like crowd, we recommend you not to go to Alacati in the summer season, which is the most popular season because the population of this tiny town can reach 50 thousand in summer. On the other hand, if you are looking for a place where you will not feel the heat of summer thanks to the wind, one of the most ideal places to go in summer will be Alacati. For those who want to see the winter of the town, we can say that Alacati can be visited easily and it will not be cold thanks to the lodos.

alacati best time to visit